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Pastor Brian Marchant holds a M.Div. degree from Liberty University.

Mrs. Dina Marchant holds a BS degree in Education from Trinity Baptist College.


Both have been involved in education most of their adult lives, having taught at both Christian and public schools. 

God led Mrs. Dina to begin Heritage Academy in 2011. The first year her living room served as the Learning Center. The school was moved to its current location in 2012

and has seen significant growth since then, having expanded its capacity three different times, the latest being in 2018.

Joseph and Rufus Lane of the Poplar Arbor community have each been a tremendous blessing to our school, having helped us build and refurbish our campus buildings and each one has also served as an instructor, sharing their knowledge of farming to help our students learn the process.

Mrs. Soledad Morris holds advanced degrees in Science and Chemistry. She teaches upper level Spanish, Chemistry, and assists our students in extracurricular activities.

Robbie and Jessica Sanders of Sale City are both tremendous assets to our school through volunteering and assisting in staffing our Learning Center.

Mark and Marlene Peachey, of Doerun, have also blessed our school through their selfless dedication and support of our program.

The school has been blessed to have other wonderful volunteers each year and we look forward to seeing what God has in store for us as we go forward. 

We love our families, we love our students, but most importantly, we love the Lord.

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