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Heritage Academy is...

A Christian Education Ministry.  Located at the corner of Thigpen Trail and Funston-Sale City Road, Heritage Academy is housed on property donated to Poplar Arbor Church by the Moss Family of Moultrie, GA.  Over the last century, this location has been home to several schools, a store, and a Sunday School building for Poplar Arbor Congregational Christian Church's young adults.  We are excited to bring education back to this area.  We have several local supporters and volunteers that look forward to the expansion of our facility. You will find our statement of faith reflects the doctrinal beliefs exemplified in the New Testament churches of the Bible.  We do not promote or disrespect the beliefs of any church organization. We simply desire to provide a Christ-centered atmosphere in which children can learn, grow, and mature into strong, confident Christians. We desire to be a light in our community providing godly training for the next generation.




Heritage Academy offers grades K5-12 on campus and grades 2-12 in the Home School Program.  Its program facilitates learning through self-instructional materials requiring a minimum of adult supervision while enabling students with varied abilities to advance academically.  We believe that God creates each individual uniquely with gifts and talents specifically for them.  We encourage our students to trust God with the abilities He has given them and to seek out His purpose for their life. 

A student can develop skills while working at his own academic level within the limits of his own ability and according to his own background.  Through controls and motivation, he is able to advance to his highest potential. Student achievement is often hampered by grading and grouping students according to their chronological age.  Through national achievement tests and diagnostic testing at Heritage Academy, the student is evaluated relative to his vocabulary and cognitive skills.  This makes it possible to prescribe his curriculum at his actual level of performance.  A student’s level is determined by ability, not age.

In order to meet the individual student’s needs, Heritage Academy implements the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum & program. It is a program that is Christ-centered, Bible-based, character-training, individualistic, as well as, a mastery program.  Students master their lessons before advancing further. Students learn at their own pace and may move ahead rapidly or take as long as necessary depending on their ability and motivational level. Graduates from the A.C. E. program attend more than 1,000 colleges and universities globally with outstanding performances.

Heritage Academy strives to keep the parents highly involved in the education of their children.  Parents and grandparents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom, extra-curricular activities, fundraising, and future planning.  A specialized Parent Training Seminar is hosted at the beginning of each school year in order to assist new families with understanding the particulars of our individualized-mastery program.  Families are important to us and to this community.  We look forward to not only helping students to succeed, we want to see the entire family succeed and prosper!




“...children are an heritage of the LORD:..."

Psalm 127:3


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